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What's HLGG | HLGG 是什么

HLGG can provide your Half-Life servers with ability which add/remove in-game pictures(sprites)/sounds/models without modify maps.
HLGG 能够在不修改地图的情况下,在游戏中加入/删除图片、声音、模型。

The main difference between HLGG and botman's stripper2 is that the configuration of HLGG is SQL-based, and stripper2 is file-based.
HLGG 与 botman 的 stripper2 的主要不同之处在于:HLGG 的配置是基于 SQL 的,而 stripper2 是基于文件的。

HLGG contains a metamod plugin hlggmm, a web-based admin tool HLGG-WebAdmin, a web-based user tool HLGG-WebAccess
HLGG 包括一个 metamod 插件:hlggmm, 一个 Web 管理工具:HLGG-WebAdmin, 一个 Web 用户工具:HLGG-WebAccess

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